DIRTBIKERUSH Round 3 Ama Motocross Muddy Creek MX 2013

AMA Motocross 2013 - Round 3 Muddy Creek MX Round 3 Ama Motocross Muddy Creek MX 2013

Monster Energy AMA Motocross - Round 3 of the 2013 AMA Motocross at the Muddy Creek MX, Tennessee.

A new venue for AMA Pro Motocross at the Muddy Creek MX track in Tennessee.

Will both Ryan Villopoto and Ken Roczen be as dominant as they have been or will the new track be an equalizer and bring us some new winners this week?

250 Moto 1 - Eli Tomac didn't get the start he needed and is mid pack. Ken Roczen is up near the front behind Cooper Webb and Zach Osborne.

By the end of the race Roczen comes out on top in front of Marvin Musquin and Blake Baggot. Tomac fought his way through the heat and the pack to finish fourth.

250 Moto 2 - Tomac gets a good start this time pulling a wheelie all the way up the start straight and gets the holeshot! Musquin is in second and Osborne is third.

Roczen is making passes then landing off a tabletop his rear end swaps right, then left and flicks him off the side. Tomac has cleared off and is posting two minute flat lap times!!! Thats quicker than the 450's!

By the end of the race it's a victory to Tomac, Musquin is second and Baggot third.

250 Results Round 3 Ama Motocross Muddy Creek MX Tennessee 2013:Round 3 Ama Motocross Muddy Creek MX 2013

  1. Marvin Musquin KTM 2/2
  2. Eli Tomac HON 4/1
  3. Ken Roczen KTM 1/4R

Feature Video - Lucas Oil Muddy Creek MX Highlights 2013:


450 Moto 1 - Ryan Villopoto gets the holeshot ahead of Justin Barcia. Barcia gets past Villopoto, but by the end of the third lap Villopoto gets him back. Canard who was in third has a bad crash at a blid corner and can't get back to his bike with all the riders coming through.

Villopoto takes another easy win from Barcia and Dungey. Stewart finishes fourth and Clement Desalle still in the US finishes fifth.

450 Moto 2 - Barcia gets the holeshot this time ahead of Villopoto. Villopoto goes down when his front end rides out of a rut and washes out.

Dungey and Barcia then battle up the front and Alessi puts up a fight and gets by Stewart. Canard is having a good race and makes his way past both Alessi and Stewart into third.

Dungey wins the race and the overall with Barcia finishing second and Trey Canard third.

450 Results Round 3 Ama Motocross Muddy Creek MX Tennessee 2013:Round 3 Ama Motocross Muddy Creek MX 2013

  1. Ryan Dungey KTM 3/1
  2. Justin Barcia HON 2/2
  3. Ryan Villopoto KAW 1/4 Round 3 Ama Motocross Muddy Creek MX 2013

Point Standings after Round 3: Round 3 Ama Motocross Muddy Creek MX 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto 143
  2. Ryan Dungey 133
  3. Justin Barcia 114
  4. James Stewart 99
  5. Trey Canard 90
  6. Mike Alessi 85
  7. Tyla Rattray 59
  8. Clement Desalle 58
  9. Andrew Short 54
  10. Ryan Sipes 49

Reed is still struggling, Rattray and Short can't crack the top five. I think Barcia will be the dark horse as he has the speed, but not the '450 strength' yet. Watching Villopoto he rides on the edge when pressured and it's when he's pressed that he makes mistakes.

Clement Desalle and Kevin Strijbos are still in the US and once again finish inside the top ten at Muddy Creek MX. And again it's great to see Aussie Jackson Richardson consistantly finishing inside the top 20 in the 250 class.