DIRTBIKERUSH Round 7 Ama Motocross Red Bud National 2013

AMA Motocross 2013 - Round 7 Red Bud National Round 7 Ama Motocross Red Bud National 2013

Monster Energy AMA Motocross - Round 7 of the 2013 AMA Motocross at the Red Bud National, Michigan

Fastest qualifiers pre-race for the day are Eli Tomac in the 250 class with a 2 minute 18 second lap time. A full 3 seconds quicler than Jason Anderson and Ken Roczen!

Ryan Villopoto was looking ominous in 450 qualifying with the fastest lap time of 2 minutes 15 seconds half a second ahead of justin Barcia.

250 Moto 1 - Will Hahn is the new holeshot king in the 250 class crossing the Superstore holeshot line ahead of Eli Tomac.

With the early lead Eli Tomac is never headed, the battle is for the minor places behind him. Jeremy Martin is in third follwed by the KTM boys, Musquin and Roczen. Hahn starts to fade as Musquin and Roczen move to second and third. Then Roczen gets by Musquin, but can't make ground on Tomac.

Tomac takes the win ahead of Roczen and Musquin. With that win Tomac makes up three points on Roczen, can he capitalize in moto 2?

250 Moto 2 - The GEICO Honda of Zach Osborne grabs the early lead, but is pipped at the line for the holeshot by Martin.

Early leader is Osborne who gets passed by Roczen. Tomac then gets by Osborne, but immediately buries his front in a berm and falls with Osborne landing on him.

Tomac loses a tonne of positions (back to Ninth) and has to make his way past Hahn, Anderson, Osborne, Bogle, Musquin and Martin... which he does.

Tomac is able to cut Roczens lead in half (12 down to 6 seconds), but runs out of time. Roczen is even on points with Tomac, but takes the overall with the better second moto finish.

250 Results Round 7 Ama Motocross Red Bud National Michigan 2013:Round 7 Ama Motocross Red Bud National 2013

  1. Ken Roczen KTM 2/1
  2. Eli Tomac HON 1/2
  3. Jeremy Martin YAM 4/3R

Feature Video - RacerX Motocross Show Red Bud National 2013:


450 Moto 1 - Josh Grant gets a great start and leads the first lap from Canard, Dungey and Villopoto It only takes four laps for Villopoto to pass all in front of him and take the lead.

Ryan Dungey gets in second with James Stewart in third then the last thing Dungey (or anyone else who likes close racing) wants as he stalls his bike and can't get it started.

Villopoto takes an easy win from Stewart and Grant.

450 Moto 2 - James Stewart gets out front ahead of Grant and Villopoto.

Villopoto gets past Grant and goes after Stewart. Stewart holds Villopoto for a number of laps, even runs him off the track at one stage. But after Stewart makes a mistake going into the Red Bud whoops, Villopoto gets better drive and passes him before Laroccos leap.

Dungey gets by Stewart and goes after Villopoto, but buries the front end and flips the bike handing second back to Stewart and finishing in third.

450 Results Round 7 Ama Motocross Red Bud National Michigan 2013:Round 7 Ama Motocross Red Bud National 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto KAW 1/1
  2. James Stewart SUZ 2/2
  3. Josh Grant HON 3/5 Round 7 Ama Motocross Red Bud National 2013

Point Standings after Round 7: Round 7 Ama Motocross Red Bud National 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto 333
  2. Ryan Dungey 291
  3. Justin Barcia 249
  4. Trey Canard 200
  5. James Stewart 184
  6. Mike Alessi 170
  7. Andrew Short 137
  8. Broc Tickle 135
  9. Josh Grant 131
  10. Jake Weimer 131

Ryan Villopoto is more than 40 points in front of Dungey now and looking strong. Team JGR with Josh Grant is looking fast in the last couple of rounds.

Chad Reed spoke of his effort and health in a great interview for Racer X Films at the Red Bud press day which explains a lot. You can watch it if you click here