AMA Supercross 2013 - Round 6 San Diego

Monster Energy Supercross comes to San Diego. Qualcomm Stadium had some rain the day before the race and had the Gopro bomb squad drop in just before the start of the 250 heat 1.

The track looks kinda greasy and the rythym sections set to make timing a key. This is also the last West coast round before they break for the East Coast 250 series.

250 Heat 1 - Kyle Cunningham gets the start and holds it to take the heat win. Eli Tomac gets by Joey Savatgy to take second.

Cole Seely and Aussie Kade Mosig are off to the LCQ.

250 Heat 2 - Heat race hero, Martin Davalos takes the win after a battle with Christian Craig. Jason Anderson gets by Craig to finish second.

Ken Roczen runs with the leaders, but finishes fourth in the heat. Is he a bit off tonight or playing it safe to keep his lead? Let's see how he rides the main for the answer.

Good news again for Aussie fans as Josh Cachia gets 9th and qualifies for the main.

250 LCQ - Cole Seely and Jessy Nelson qualify, but Aussie kade Mosig misses a transfer to the main.

250 Main Event - Anderson, Tomac and Davalos gets the start, then Davalos swapa the rear end and gets bucked off through the first rythym section almost taking Tomac and Roczen with him. Heat 1 winner Cunningham went down early as well.

Tomac gets by Anderson early for the lead then Roczen makes a good, clean pass and goes through to second.

Tomac takes the win, but only just after lappers slow him and Ken Roczen gets very close to him on the line. Jason Anderson is third and Josh Cachia from Australia finishes twelth.

Tomac has made only 3 points on Roczen and with 3 rounds to go is second 17 points behind.

Feature Video - Ama Supercross 2013, Round 6 San Diego - Animated track map:


450 Heat 1 - Davi Millsaps gets out in front again ahead of James Stewart who's looking strong. Stewart and Millsaps have a good little battle with James Stewart taking the heat win.

Trey Canard finishes fourth and Ryan Dungey in fifth.

450 Heat 2 - Barcia gets a good start then goes off the track and back into eighth, Villopoto is in the lead then on lap 6 the race is red flagged as a rider needs medical attention.

As per the ama supercross rule for red flags the racers are lined up in a staggered start in race order.

After the re-start Villopoto takes the win from Andrew Short and Chad Reed. Justin Barcia qualifies in fifth.

450 LCQ - A pair of suzuki's with Josh Hill and Kyle Partridge go through to the 450 main.

450 Main Event - Davi Millsaps takes the holeshot from Broc Tickle, Chad Reed and Justin Barcia.

Reed moved into second and was pushing Millsaps, but in the berm before the whops he pushes the front and washes out, then stalls the bike and gets swallowed up by the pack.

So it's Millsaps taking his second win of the season and stretching his series lead to 19 points over second.

Justin Barcia gets second and Ryan Dungey makes his way through to third.

Results Round 6 Ama Supercross San Diego 2013:

  1. Davi Millsaps
  2. Justin Barcia
  3. Ryan Dungey

Point Standings after Round 6:

  1. Davi Millsaps - 132
  2. Ryan Dungey - 113
  3. Trey Canard - 105
  4. Ryan Villopoto - 105
  5. Chad Reed - 97
  6. Justin Barcia - 83
  7. Andrew Short - 71
  8. James Stewart- 74
  9. Justin Brayton - 67
  10. Broc Tickle - 57

As an Aussie motocross fan (and a 'mature aged rider') I was on the edge of my seat riding with Chad Reed and when he went down I was bummed. Lets hope he can get a win next week... no, lets see him start a win streak next week!

You have to say now that Davi Millsaps is the real deal! He deserves his series lead and is the rider to beat for the rest of the pack.