DIRTBIKERUSH Round 10 Ama Motocross Unadilla National 2013

AMA Motocross 2013 - Round 10 Unadilla National Round 10 Ama Motocross Unadilla National 2013

Monster Energy AMA Motocross - Round 10 of the 2013 AMA Motocross National at Unadilla, New York

Off the sand and on to loamy soil perfect for Motocross racing in the north-east.

Ryan Villopoto and Eli Tomac are the fastest qualifiers again, but guess what? Eli tomac is one second faster than Villopoto at 2 minutes 15 second lap time.

250 Moto 1 - Holeshot Hahn gets across the white line first! In front of Martin and a good start from Tomac.

Tomac quickly gets to the lead and is gone. Blake Baggett gets by Roczen and goes after Martin and surprisingly Zach Osborne also gets by Roczen. It's a surprise for two reasons, 1 to see Osborne having a good first moto and 2 to see Roczen going backwards instead of forwards!

Tomac takes the moto win from Martin, Osborne, Baggett and Roczen.

250 Moto 2 - Davalos grabs the holeshot ahead of Ken Roczen and Bogle.

Martin is in fourth followed by Anderson and the Tomac. Tomac's fitness appears to be on a completely different level so to be in sixth at the 26 minute mark is no problems.

Tomac rides the inside to outside and outside to pass both Davalos and Anderson at the same time. Martin and Bogle still sit between Tomac and Roczen then at the 21 minute mark Tomac makes the move on Martin.

Tomac gets by Bogle just before the 'Wall' and goes after Roczen. He has 18 minutes to catch and battle with Roczen who has an 8 second lead on him.

Tomac is eating up the time gap running nearly 3 seconds a lap faster than Roczen and catches him with 10 minutes to go. The pair battle for a couple of laps, but Tomac comes out on top.

Tomac takes the moto win from Roczen and Martin.

250 Results Round 10 Ama Motocross Unadilla National New York 2013:Round 10 Ama Motocross Unadilla National 2013

  1. Eli Tomac HON 1/1
  2. Jeremy Martin YAM 2/3
  3. Ken Roczen KTM 5/2R

Feature Video - Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Unadilla National 2013 Highlights:


450 Moto 1 - Ryan Villopoto puts his bad round 9 well and truly behind him by making a statement here at Unadilla. Villopoto holeshots the race and runs away from the field.

Dungey, Stewart and Barcia are left to fight for scraps while Aussie Michael Byrne has an off and appears to re-injure his broken leg. Trey Canard is out when his engine appears to go on him.

450 Moto 2 - Villopoto gets another holeshot, but Canard, Malcolm Stewart and Alessi are part of a big pile-up in the first turn. And on turn 3 James Stewart is of the bike and in pain.

Weimer and Barcia are behind Villopoto. A couple of guys we don't see very often are also up near the front and thats Phil Nicoletti and Brett Metcalfe.

Dungey works on Stewart and after a good battle gets by him. Canard passes his teamate Barcia and goes after Stewart.

Villopoto runs away with the win with Barcia second and Weimer holding off Dungey for third.

450 Results Round 10 Ama Motocross Unadilla National New York 2013:Round 10 Ama Motocross Unadilla National 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto KAW 1/1
  2. Justin Barcia - HON 4/2
  3. Ryan Dungey - KTM 2/4 Round 10 Ama Motocross Unadilla National 2013

Point Standings after Round 10: Round 10 Ama Motocross Unadilla National 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto 463
  2. Ryan Dungey 419
  3. Justin Barcia 347
  4. James Stewart 289
  5. Trey Canard 263
  6. Andrew Short 220
  7. Jake Weimer 216
  8. Broc Tickle 209
  9. Josh Grant 208
  10. Mike Alessi 204

Ryan Villopoto makes up the points he lost at Millville and the last five winners of the championship have one Unadilla.

How cool are 250f's! On the right tracks they can be faster than the 450's as Eli Tomac showed with his lap times.

Will Hahn who didn't start the series due to injury has done so well with the holeshots in the 250 class that he has wrapped up the holeshot award and been given the $15,000 prize.